Osborn-Family-2013Hi there, my name is Mike and I hope to be your photographer. I must admit I was not the kid with a camera when I was 8. I was not the high school kid who took cool photos growing up. I wasn’t even the guy who traveled a lot and took amazing photos of his trips. Instead I’m a dad who wanted more photos of his new family without paying a bundle for them.

And then it grew from there…

So here I am today, an emerging photographer in central Illinois who wants you to have the same things I wanted, great photos without breaking the bank. In fact this isn’t even my real job (I teach high school math). I have had several people tell me I should leave teaching to shoot full-time, but I don’t want to and the reason is all of you. If I shot full time I’d have to raise my prices and that goes against the very reason I started doing this.

So give us a try, you won’t be disappointed. We love to have fun and hang awesome memories on our walls just like you.